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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calendar - The Christmas Tree

I've seen many versions of the Christmas tree during my lifetime. Although the ones in my house have remained very traditional, there were a few years during the '70s when my mother followed the fads of the flocked and/or silver metal trees. Happily, she quickly returned to the beautifully decorated green tree I remembered from my childhood.

Speaking of childhood, it's my grandchildren who have made my best memories of our Christmas trees. When they were young they would come - all four - to help decorate our tree and spend the night. The tree got decorated, some cookies were baked, and in the morning we went out for pancakes and eggs. I watched them grow up in front of our tree.

This is what our tree looked like for many years with the help of our grandchildren.

Here the children are sitting in front of the tree before the presents have been distributed in 1994.

Left to right: Randi, Kristin, Stewart, Derek

Here they are just seven years later in 2001. They are singing a carol because they always had to "perform" before they gifts were opened. They grow up too fast!

Left to Right: Derek, Stewart, Kristin
Front: Randi

We're looking forward to a new tradition starting this year. Our Christmas Eve gathering will move to one of our daughter's home. New tree, new memories!

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  1. Oh what a beautiful tree and decorated with love!
    Our children just love to help put up our decorations as well.