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Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent Calendar - Santa Claus

‘Twas the night before Christmas 1999
And this may not rhyme
But the family was gathered
For a jolly good time.
They had food to eat, carols to sing
And exchanging of presents
Before the children rushed home
To await Santa’s entrance.
Kristin, Stewart, Derek

Now, Stewart, age ten
And Derek, age nine
Shared knowing looks
with each other this time.

They thought them too old
For belief in sweet Santa
But they kept quiet that night
Because they’d been told.

You see, Kristin, age 8
Clung to the thought
That Santa rode in his sleigh
Each December 24th.

And Randi, age 6
Simply knew in her heart
That Santa would come
With toys to impart.

So Grandpa took charge
As a stand-in for Claus
On his knees with the children
He checked on the gifts, large & small.

But, wait, there’s a sound at the door.
Who could it be? The family’s all here!
Everyone’s gaze went to the stairs
Everyone’s jaw fell straight to the floor.

It was Santa in person, the real one for sure!
He paused for a moment to see who was there
He talked to each child while checking his list
He knew they were there; they were secure.

He stayed but a moment; No time for long banter
He must begin his long flight around the world
But for that one evening and those few hours
Each family member believed in dear Santa.

(Just a warning note to little ones all:
If you stop believing; Santa stops coming.)


  1. Brilliant! This is the only poem I've seen for the Santa prompt - well done!

  2. What a nice post. Thanks Becky, I enjoyed this.