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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Earl Stewart & his Graduating Class of 1933

Leisure Family History: Earl Stewart & his Graduating Class of 1933: Looking for names of class mates. Please go to link to see photo of the 13 students who graduated in Mays, Indiana in 1933

Monday, April 25, 2011

Making My Way Back

At last, I'm back at the keyboard preparing to delve, once again, into my project for the year. The great delay has been because I went on a vacation. I was only gone 13 days but it's taken me much longer to get back on track. I guess sometimes you just need a vacation from your vacation.

I have done a bit of research on some individuals in my Leisure line since I've been back. It's been hit and miss, though, and they have been mostly distant cousins.

My current task is to write my Dad's biography. The spark came this morning out of the blue. My husband and I went out for breakfast at one of our local cafes. Sitting at a booth in my direct line of sight was a man who could have been my Dad's twin - at least, when my Dad was about 20 years younger than when he died. It was difficult to keep from staring. Oddly, every time I looked at him I saw a different aspect of his features which reminded me of each of my brothers and also Dad alone.

I'm taking this experience as a push (from Dad?) to stop procrastinating and get that bio finished. I'm picturing him standing with his feet apart, hands on hips and that look that said, "NOW!"