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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent Calendar - Christmas Music

I'm one of those people who love Christmas music and I always have. I can't wait until Thanksgiving when our local radio station 93.9 changes their venue to all Christmas music all the time!

When I was younger, I loved to sing it. I was in the choir at school and church and was a soloist. The church music was so majestic it would simply take my breath away. It was as wonderful to prepare for the the concerts as it was to perform them.

In later years, my personal music stayed mostly within the family. On Christmas Eve, it was my job to sing my very favorite Christmas song of all: Sweet Little Jesus Boy by Robert MacGimsey. I can't hear it even today without tearing up. Here's a picture of me on Christmas Eve 1983 (that was one of my thin years:) 

Several bouts of bronchitis have made me a listener, not a singer, but I continue to adore this season's music.

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  1. Oh, Becky, I agree about loving Christmas music! I love to sing too, but it clears the room...lol... Will have to see if I can find Sweet Little Jesus Boy. I have never heard it. Have a very Merry Christmas!