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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Calendar - Other Traditions

The more I think about it the more I realize that our family's concentration during the holidays has been Christmas Eve. Even my memories of Indiana center on the party at Grandma's house; I barely recall Christmas Day at all.

One of the traditions my Grandma started was giving out chocolate-covered cherries. She gave the candy to all the men only. Over the years that really began to aggravate my mother. Once we moved to Chicago and Mom made her own party -  which in later years included our spouses, my husband's parents, and his sister and husband -  the candy was giving to all the adults, male or female! Later, it was my turn to hold the gathering and I kept the tradition going.

The tradition I started - though it lasted only a few years - was for Christmas Day. The girls and I were usually on our own that day because my husband had to work. (He always made sure he had Christmas Eve off.) So we girls often went to my mother's house to hang out and eat leftovers. I started bringing a birthday cake and we would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. It was a fun way to remember the reason we had the holiday.

Then, we would get bored and either went bowling or to a movie.

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