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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The True Work Begins

It’s time to really get started on my project; no more fooling around!! I’m setting out my plan as I see it today. Of course, over time some of this will change and I expect to be flexible where necessary. So, here it goes.

  1. Write the story of our Ruch/Siegler family in America as fully as I can. This narrative will have limited footnoting because I’m writing this for the non-genealogists of the family. Some of them might be intimidated by lots of documentation and may not read the account because of it.
  2. Prepare family group sheets of each unit (including siblings) and be sure to provide as much documentation as possible there.
  3. Prepare descendants chart for the immigrant couple; include as many generations as possible (Somehow this will need to be put into book format).
  4. Prepare a Register Report for the immigrant couple with same generations as above; include all documentation as foot or endnotes.
  5. Prepare scrapbook pages of pictures and documents.
  6. Decide on publication:
    a. Passage Express
    b. CD/DVD
    c. Hardcopy book
    d. All of the above.

 That’s the way I see it now. And so the true work begins. There are documents and notes and such that must be reviewed; lots of scanning to be done; a trip to Erie, Pennsylvania for research purposes; and some actual writing as well. I’d better get to it.

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