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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sidetracked with Errors

As I mentioned early on I'm not surprised when I'm sometimes sidetracked doing research. Today is one of those days. I started by looking at some of the reporting options in my Family Tree Maker software; planning to use reports to help  me determine what I have and what I need for my RUCH project.

I started out strong running some individual and anentafel reports (I found the anentafel reports are not creating generations because it's using siblings of generation one instead of children. However, the register reports seem to be working properly. But, that's an aside.)

Then, just for kicks I ran a "data error report" and I was off and running. Now mind you I ran the report on my whole data file which includes mine and my husband's sides of the family containing over 3500 names. What I got was a 37 page report and a bit of clean-up work to do. Lots of the "errors" are missing dates which I'm aware of and really don't plan to enter until I have a date to work with. I know I can guess, using the about, before and after modifiers (and I do that in some cases) but for now I'm ignoring those.
However, there are some corrections I'd like to make while I see them. Things like "illegle characters" and "unsorted children". So, I'll continue working on these for a while (should only take an hour or so) and then I'll get back to the task at hand.

Researching and writing the RUCH family story.

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