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Friday, September 23, 2011

I-Phone Addition?

So there I was last night, minding my own business, watching TV with my Dear Husband, my I-Phone resting on the end table next to me. Suddenly, my phone lights up and I think Oh I must be getting text from one of the girls but, no, the message reads "No SIM card installed." What? No SIM card? Of course, there's a SIM card!
I proceeded to do all the things I could think of to correct the problem (TV and DH forgotten). I took the SIM card out and reseated it. No change. I shut the phone down and restarted it. No change. I called my daughter to see if she could think of anything else to try. No help.
Oh, no! It was too late to go to the store for help. I'd have to wait - hours!! - to get my connection back. Hours!! What if someone wanted to talk to me? What if an emergency occurred and no one could contact me (sure there is the land line but would anyone think to use it?) What if I wanted to check Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or my email? I'd have to boot up the computer and be tied to one location!! Oh no!!
Well, I made it through the night with only a little tossing and turning and fortunately no nightmares. This morning I went on the computer, got the phone number of the store, called from the land line for the hours. They didn't open until 10am so the dog would get her walk first. Not being able to check-in on Four Square when we got to the State Park was awful. I mean, if you can't check-in why go, right?
At last, we arrived at the store and within minutes, bless their hearts, a new SIM card replaced the defective one ("It happens sometimes", they said) and I was back in business.
While in those hours of limbo my DH said he felt a bit relieved to be out of contact for awhile. I, on the other hand, felt uninformed, out of touch, and just a little bit naked. Now I ask you, is this an addition or am I just totally adjusted to 21st century technology?


  1. It's definitely a horrible feeling, since I've lost my iPhone I've had to rely on my roommates iPad, computers at work, and word of mouth. I mean really, who still hears about news and social events via phone calls?! Ugh. I feel your pain. lol. :)

  2. And I feel yours, Stewart. At least, my phone is fixed now!

  3. I agree with Michelle, a little addictive adjustment to 21st century technology.