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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Three Ruch Girls - A Treasure on Tuesday

I've been absent for a few days because I've been spending my time scanning and preserving originals from a couple of photo albums I borrowed from my father-in-law. Some of these I had already scanned some time ago but I had placed them on diskettes, not in folders on my computer. Even though I updated the diskettes to CDs and DVDs, some of the files were damaged or the scans from my old scanner just didn't cut it. This time the pictures are in my family files as well as my Family Tree Maker media files as well as on a back-up drive.

However, the process allowed my to gather even more photos than I had before. Among these was a picture of three of the Ruch girls which I find very interesting. The picture is of Julia, Emma and Mary Ruch probably taken sometime in 1899 after the death of their sister, Alice. Note to pins at the neck of each dress; I think the girls are wearing a picture of Alice for whom they are in mourning. What do you think?

Julia, Emma and Mary Ruch 1899

Julia and Emma (in the back) are twins born 21 Nov 1874 in Erie, PA.

Mary (not a twin) was born 21 Nov 1878 in Chicago, IL.

Yes, they were born on the same date but four years apart.

Julia was married in 1901 and Emma in 1903; Mary came to own a restaurant on Ogden Ave. in Chicago and did not marry until 1922.

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