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Monday, August 2, 2010

Project Progress

Well, the "story" is being edited and proofed!! Now I'm concentrating on what reports I want to include and sort through a few pictures in hopes of finding some I haven't scanned. Pictures for this line are scarce and pictures do make such a difference. Oh, well, one can only do what one can.

I already prepared some of the charts and reports. So far I've done a Pedigree Chart for both Charles and Salome which at least shows the Alsatian families. I've created a three-generation Register Report for Charles Ruch. Also, I've made Family Group Sheets for Charles and Salome, Gottfried and Salome (so little Henry is included) and. then, for each of the children. Since Alice Ruch died young, I've done an Individual Report for her.

I still have lots of proofing to do on the reports but I'm feeling really good about getting this finished for Christmas this year. At the moment, my thoughts are leaning towards the type of publication. Do I want to print everyone a book or should I just create a digital publication? Should I print some books - donations to libraries - and do the rest in digital format?

I could do a nice presentation using Passage Express which I've used for some smaller projects in the past. If I got a microphone, I could even include some narrative on the few pictures I do have which should add interest. However, some in the family aren't computer savvy so paper may be the way to go, at least for them.

And the debate in my mind continues...

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