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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gathering Photos - Ruch, Gehringer, Bouchonville, Budzynski, Marthinsen

Way back when, I borrowed photo albums from my mother-in-law and scanned the Ruch family pictures I found there. There weren't too many but at least I had something. Now that I'm gathering up the photos for my publication, I find that my scans were terrible. The digital pictures are really small and when enlarged they they get terribly out of focus.

So, this morning when we visited with my father-in-law I borrowed the albums once again and am trying to do a better job this time. Mostly, the photos are from one family gathering in 1938. There is one photo of the men, one of the women and one of the two sets of twins who attended.

My mother-in-law unlike so many people actually did put the names on the back of most of the pictures. Bless Her Heart!! Maybe some of our collateral lines are out there researching; if so, I hope they find this post and enjoy the pictures.

Left to right:
Twins: Eva (Ruch) Bouchonville and Caroline "Lean" (Ruch) Gehringer

Twins: Emma (Ruch) Higgins and Julia (Ruch) Brown

Left to Right Standing: Andrew Bouchonville, Francis "Happy" Higgins, Clarence Gehringer Jr., Dilwyn Gehringer, Edward Budzynski, Ira Gehringer, Charles Higgins
Left to Right Sitting: Louis Bouchonville, John Gehringer, Clarence Gehringer Sr. 

Left to Right Standing: Emma Higgins, Mary Gehringer, "Lean" Gehringer, Virginia (Gehringer) Budzynski, Julia Brown, "Dollie" ?, Eva Bouchonville
Left to Right Sitting: Loyale Bouchonville, Eva "Tootie" Marthinsen, "Frankie" Gehringer, Alice Higgins

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