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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I Have Written So Far

I finally got back to a bit of writing yesterday and brought C&S to Erie. I'm still not sure if the format I'm using will be the one I stay with but for now, at least, I'm making progress. What slows me down is trying to make sure I source everything that wouldn't be general knowledge. I'm thinking it might be better to just write the story and add a bibliography at the end.

If I write it more in a "novel" format than a "biography", I think I could add much more interest. Then, again, is that really the purpose of this writing? Oh the dilemma!

Anyway, I put what I've written so far on a separate page. Maybe one of you has a thought about how it should go? I didn't upload all the pictures that go with the story but the story can be found here.

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