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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Erie, Pa Research Trip – Part 3 - Final

After several hours of sitting our old bones needed some activity, so when we left the Historical Society we headed for the docks and a little walk. The wind was up and we were blown around a bit but it was warm and felt good to be moving. Standing on the main dock, we looked out not on Lake Erie but on Presque Bay and the peninsula that protects it. This is how the dock looked about 1870; it’s clean, modern and inviting now.

The Presque peninsula is now a state park and it seemed to be calling to us so we jumped back in the car a headed over there. What we found was gorgeous! A wonderful place to walk, bike or drive! I’m thinking that the landscape is much as it was when C&S were in the area. Probably outside of the town itself the countryside would have been wooded and lush. Here’s a sample of what we enjoyed.

After our sightseeing adventure, we had dinner and then headed for the Blasco Memorial Library which is at the Lake shore right next to the Maritime Museum. I got to meet, Alice, the woman who has been so much help to me; it’s always great to meet good peopleJ
We spent our library time added more info to our growing knowledge of Erie’s history. We were also looking at rail routes C& S may have taking when they left Erie. Of course, they may have come to Chicago by boat through the Great Lakes but I’m inclined to think they took the train. More research in needed on this.
So for now, that’s about it. It was a whirlwind trip but a very successful one!

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  1. Becky, it was enjoyable reading about your trip and I'm glad you found some information and got a feel of the area. Nice photos as well. Isn't it amazing how quickly the trips end? Anyway, thank you.