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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Putting the Writing First

I’ve been doing a bit more writing of the story of Charles and Salome -  between family obligations and weeding the yard that is. (Alas, trying to keep the weeds out of the grass and the grass out of the sedum is a losing battle!) The writing is going slower than I’d like because it seems after every other sentence I mention something I’d really like to know more about. So, then, it’s off the Google and time just slips away.
However, I am beginning to know this couple personally, especially Salome. As I follow the options available based on the events of their times, large and small, I understand why they made certain decisions. I don’t just wonder how they must have felt but I seem to feel with them. The more I write the closer I get to them.
I have a long way to go but, so far, I’m enjoying the journey!!
If my blog posts are less frequent, it’s probably because I’m spending more time with the Ruch family. For now, they must be my priority.

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  1. I hope to keep following the Charles and Salome story, but I completely understand about Google. Sometimes I start a story, and then Google a fact, and before I know it its an hour later and there are a dozen windows open!