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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charles & Salome Opt for France

All I can say it Woo Hoo!!!
In my post, Great Alsatian Resource, of March 14 I mentioned the French Genealogy Blog by Anne Morddel and her direction to a resource for the Alsatians who recorded their option to remain French citizens after the Franco-Prussian War. I was thrilled to find a number of listings for the Ruch and Siegler surnames from the town of Bouxwiller; however, the price for obtaining all those records caused me to take a step back to consider the cost. I would need to order all of them to find the ones I wanted.

Then, we went on vacation and while I was cruising the Caribbean Ancestry was adding Alsace-Lorraine, France Citizenship Declarations (Optants), 1872 (original records: ARFIDO S.A. Les Optants d'Alsace Lorraine. Série 43. Paris: ARFIDO S.A., 2006.) Good old Ancestry came through for me! Imagine my surprise when I found the entries for Salome, her brother Frédéric, and Charles. 

They were all living in Le Havre at the time, probably preparing to leave the country for America.
Again I say, Woo Hoo!!!

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