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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Erie, PA, Here I Come!

Well, I've talked about it long enough and the procrastination is over. We have our reservations at the motel and tomorrow will set the dog up for "camp" while we're gone! It will be a quick trip but, since C & S only lived there a couple of years, I think it will do.

Back in 2002, I sent a request to the Erie Society of Genealogical Research (ESGR) for information regarding Ruch/Rosch and Siegler/Ziegler. I was as specific as I could be. I told them what I knew and how I knew it and asked for information from records to which I hoped they had access.

The answer I received was a beautifully concise and well-written research report. I was able to document some vital information both for C & S and their first four children (two sets of twins).

Also included was some information about Fred Siegler which caused me some confusion. One referenced a naturalization record which appeared to be for Salome's brother, Frederick; at least, the birth year and location matched our Fred. The other mention stated "Fred died August 4, 1885." Well, our Fred moved to Chicago, fathered three children and died in 1904. Thus, my confusion.

Yesterday I decided to call the ESGR to see if Fred Siegler is listed in the Erie City Death Records and if any additional information could be provided about him. I was fortunate that Alice, ESGR Research Coordinator, was volunteering when I called. I mentioned that we are planning a trip to Erie and, I hoped, to clear up the question of the Fred who died in 1885 first. Since time will be of the essence, I'd like to focus on C & S.

Alice was terrific!! She went back to the original request and response and, after a few minutes of give and take conversation, she said she'd look into it and get back to me. Sure enough, later in the afternoon, Alice called to tell me that the 1885 death belonged to Fred Siegler of Bavaria and she had also found a separate naturalization for Bavaria Fred. The existence of any familial relationship between the two Sieglers seems unlikely.

Alice told me to let her know our trip plans so me can connect while I'm there. Fortunately, she also volunteers at the library on a day we will be in town. I'm really hoping to meet her; she's been so helpful.

So, I have a week to get all my ducks in a row. I have a couple to resources to check at our local library, define my goals (I'm nearly finished with that one), make sure I have all the contact information for everywhere I want to go (that's mostly done too) and think about packing.

I'm really looking forward to this trip!!


  1. Becky, have a wonderful genealogical research trip. Sounds like you do have your ducks in a row. If poss., could you ask the volunteer what she knows abt. migration patterns from NY to Michigan in about 1840? Will you be seeing the Erie Canal? Looking forward in reading what you write.

  2. How cool! I look forward to hearing about this trip.