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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ah Monday

At last, I've read all my email and caught up on reading my favorite blogs! I still haven't looked at facebook or twitter but they will have to wait. I really need to get back to Charles & Salome and their story.

The weekend was genealogy-less. I got nothing done - not research, no writing, no scanning, no nothing. Well my husband and I did talk about an upcoming trip to Erie, PA to check out where C & S lived for a couple of years: no final decisions were made.

But now it's Monday and the beginning of a new week of possibilities. I'm hoping to spend at least a few hours each day on this project. If I'm not posting to the blog it means I'm busy with my work :) or weeding the yard:(; darn it, life does get in the way sometimes!!

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  1. Becky, I think it is fine to take a break, I am doing it now. Everything for my Tuesday and Sat. postings were done a few months ago (had lots of free time). It is fun to get out in the garden, I love it. The weeding is done (the earliest ever), and mulch is down. One of these warm days, I just want to sit by it, breathe in the so called good air and read a non-genealogy magazine. Don't bother with Twitter, and actually went 24 hrs. without fb, and I loved it. Anyway, nice chatting with you.