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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coming to a Decision

Here it is March already and I'm still mulling around trying to decide how to proceed with my Leisure project. The Ruch family wasn't this difficult; once I'd decided to key on the immigrant couple everything just started to flow. However, I only had three generations to deal with at that point.

My Leisure line came to the colonies before the Revolutionary War but there is debate as to the parentage of our  Joseph Leisure. Is he the son of Abraham Leseure, the French Huguenot who was a refugee to Switzerland and then the colonies? Do I want to get into that discussion? I'm thinking - no.

This time, I think, I'll start with my father and work my way back to his Leisure line. Using biographies (long & short) of direct line ancestors, I go back as far as I can prove. Of course, I may veer off some and include bios of collaterals if it seems appropriate.

This doesn't mean I won't include the usual pedigree/descendant/family group forms we genealogists love so much. It simply means I'm going to try my hand at a different format and see how it goes. It also doesn't mean I won't include a discussion of the Leseure issue somewhere; perhaps in the Preface or, maybe, in an appendix.

Anyway, now I feel better about the project and think I can start writing next week!

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