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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Transcribing Diaries

Back a few years ago, before my mother-in-law, Alice, passed away, I began transcribing diaries she had placed in my possession. I managed to complete from January 1, 1932 through February 25, 1934 before turning to other projects.

In 1932, Alice was eighteen years old. She wasn't the type of girl who poured out her soul on paper each evening. Her writings are more a calendar of her life and she kept such calendars throughout her life. Each day was given some comment. Sometimes it's a mere, "Stayed home", other times she gives mention to people in her life and special events. Alice and her friends loved going to the movies and she often mentions the title and names the theater they attended. These short writings even provide a peek into her early relationship with my father-in-law.

Recently, I found the 1929 book- oops - which I've begun to transcribe and then I plan to start where I left off in 1934 which will take me into 1935. I'll need to do a little hunting around after that because I have a gap until 1939. I'm sure the missing books are somewhere - probably in the cedar chest which is bulging at the seams!

Anyway, I plan to work on this little task, off and on, while I'm taking my short break between major projects until the first of next year. For now, it's back to 1929.

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