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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Century of Progress and One Girl

Alice Davey lived in Chicago most of her life. The Chicago World's Fair was a big event not to be missed. While there, she picked up a souvenir provided by the Chicago & North Western Railway - a small note pad which she used as a diary/calendar beginning in January of 1934.

This little pad also had pictures of some of the buildings and special locations of  A Century of Progress. Some of these still grace Chicago and some are long gone.

Alice and her boyfriend, "Happy", and her family, plus visiting relatives went to the Fair many times. She always recorded the event, even if it was succinctly.

July 4, 1934
Happy & I went to the Fair. Happy took home two Coca Cola glasses.

October 30, 1934
Hap and I want to the Fair. Got home around 1:30.
October 31, 1934
The last day of the Fair. My Mother and Dad went and Cliff and Catherine. I went to school.

My guess is she had more fun going to the fair on Tuesday with Hap than she would have had with her Mother, Dad, and Cliff and Catherine (brother and sister-in-law). Just sayin' :)

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  1. Oh thanks for posting this - what a wonderful piece of ephemera. My father talked about going to the Chicago World's Fair - it made a bit impression on a 12-year-old.