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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone

Wow, I just realized it's been a week since my last post! Where has the time gone?

Of course, there was the holiday but, in my case, that isn't really an excuse. We didn't do any traveling, go to parades or anything like that.

I did have to spend some time preparing for a panel presentation at my local genealogy society - Elgin (IL) Genealogical Society blog or website . The program was on Tuesday, followed by a board meeting and then lunch with some friends.

Wednesday found me at the doctor's office getting some stitches removed from a very minor surgery the week before. Any doctor appointment seems to take all morning or all afternoon no matter how quickly one thinks it should go.

I did get out in the yard and try to get rid of some of our pesky weeds upon occasion. They simply seem to be taking over this year. The worst I've ever known!

Then, there was the visit to the vet with the dog who is just getting over her annual ear infections and now has eye infections to match. Poor thing fights seasonal allergies worse than mine.

I have been working on my project from time to time but have lately been sidetracked by the French records at the pilot Family Search site. I hadn't planned to do much work on the family in Alsace but I just can't ignore this great information. I have a few more births to check out now that I've found some marriages I didn't have before. After that though, I've promised myself to get back on track!

Except, I think I'll need to take stock of my LEISURE line in the next week or so. The reunion is the 26th so...

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  1. Pj Sisseck here. So, it was planned to stumble on to me. You really did intend to do some Leisure research!

    I skimmed through your "Blogs I follow". First on the list, AnceStories. Poor Miriam had to miss the EWGS meeting yesterday due to a bronchial infection. Then there is "It's All Relatives" - we have been trying to figure out our common Perkins ancestors for awhile now. Small world, this Genealogy thing.