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Monday, June 28, 2010

Leisure Reunion

We're back from Indiana and the Leisure reunion. We had a delicious meal together, learned how we all fit together in the family and made plans for the coming year. 2011 will be the 90th reunion so we're hoping for a great turnout and a fun time!

This year I brought a descendants chart starting from the Leisure couple - Nathan and Sarah (Irvin) Leisure - who moved the family to Indiana. I was able to go three generations before the lineage of those attending started to break off. From there, I only brought down my line (from Rush County) and the line for Nathan J. Leisure (from Grant/Henry Counties). These are not families who consisted of the current norm of 2.5 children; oh, no, we're talking 10 to 12 children at least! Everyone seem to enjoy the pictoral view of the family.

We also decided to establish a Leisure blog in the near future. I'll be working to get that started along with writing up the Ruch family. Since I already host the Elgin Genealogical Society's blog - plus this one - I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. I am looking forward to doing it though. Hopefully, the blog will bring interest to the family, find some new relatives and build enthusiasm for next year.

While in the area, my husband and I stopped by the Park Cemetery in Fairmount, Indiana and were able to fulfill a few of the photo requests on Find A Grave. I was able to post them this afternoon.
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  1. Becky:
    I love family reunions! How wonderful that you had such a large turnout! I was in Park Cemetery in Fairmount in May taking photos of some family members and was surprised at how large it was! Did you see James Dean's stone?