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Monday, June 14, 2010

Civil War Letter - Peter Miller to family in Indiana

I transcribed this letter and have left it as close to how it was written as I could. I made no corrections for spelling or grammar.

Hospitle on the Battle ground near Murfreesboro
Jan the 31, 1863

I received a letter from you yesterday and was hapy to here from you, dated December the 6 and I hope this will find you all well. This leaves me well. I have got over the diarhea and am geting strength since I have bin in the hospitle. I have but three Patience, the Rest have bin moved to Nashville and I have easy times. Those three have there legs Broke. There is one Cook here and one person to bring Rations and ……. I will take the doler and buy me some paper and envelopes.
I have not got but three papers and I have not got any for five weeks. I would like to have the paper to read if I cold get it Regular but as I cant I don’t think it necesary to send it. I will thank you for your kindness sending it so long. Well, I thank you for this money.
You wanted to no what I had for dinner at christmas. I had no diner as we went foraging to get corn hay and ladis and we got lots of sweet and irish potatoes and then we started for this plase and left them all there and one month ago to day we had the fite with the Rebles. We left Ills with nine hundred and fifty men in our Regament now we have only two hundred. Now we are all in good health, the march from Louisville is what killed our men.
Rite if father Rents my plase and his and if he finds Lem and what he does with my horse and mare and mules and Who he Rents to and if he builes on his land and what he does with his corn and mine and how the horse and mare looks and how my hay looks. If Lem took it up and Beried and how many hogs and cattle father fed and what he got for them and if he has payed the payment on my land and his. You need not think I am tired of soldiering for I am not. All I ast is good health.
My address P. Miller, 79 Reg, Ills vol, Co E near Murfreesboro Tennisee. Plese Rite soon and where dick is. tell Charles I would like to here from him soon.
I dont no how long I will be here......
I have no more paper and will get some soon then I will Rite more.
Ann Miller   A Miller
Sarah Miller
Susan Miller

P Miller

Here is a picture of the original:

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