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Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Update and a Working Day

I have lots of genealogy work planned for the day. I realized last night that I need to straighten up a number of placenames in my Family Tree Maker program in order to make good use of the maps feature. For some reason I seem to have often entered descriptions in the location field for a number of facts. Oh, well, making the corrections will surely teach me a lesson.

Before I start on that though, I wanted to report that I received that article on Alsatian law I ordered through InterLibrary Loan. I thought it would cost $15 but there was no charge. Yea for that!!! I do love libraries!!

Unfortunately, most of the article discussed the time period after 1919 when France regained control of Alsace/Lorraine from Germany. (The article was written in 1927 so the writer was unaware of the future German takeover of WWI.) I was hoping for more information of the time period following the Franco/Prussian war. That said I still learned a couple of little tidbits that I may be able to use as I write the story and writing the story is the purpose this project.

The time to drawing very near to my "putting pen to paper", or more accurately "putting fingers to keyboard", to tell the story of Charles and Salome (Siegler) Ruch.

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