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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working Slowly

Perhaps it was foolish of me to start blogging two weeks before Christmas, but on that day I had the time and made the effort. Unfortunately, the past day or two have been taken up with the tasks of preparing for the upcoming holiday. Since our family Christmas Eve party is at my house, procrastination must be limited.

Too there was the Christmas party at doggie daycare. Who would want to miss that?

That's our Bessie in the foreground. She isn't socializing at the moment but let a fight break out and she'll be there pronto. We're still not sure if she wants to break it up or get in on the chaos. The daycare caretakers call her "the enforcer".

Anyway, I did get a little time for genealogy. I started by checking out Cyndislist.com to see what links were available there for Alsace. There were many choices to pick from which included the usual RootsWeb mail lists and message boards (I'll be working my way through those archives over time) and Family Search library (I'm looking for more history than genealogy for now) but eventually I found my way to  a very helpful blog set up by Valerie Zimmermann http://genweblog.blogspot.com/2005/05/alsace.html called Genealogy:Alsace. She has listed and linked to many informative sites regarding the history and culture of the Alsace region.

I'm most interested in the marriage laws in the 1870s and I'm hoping that an article, The Legal System of Alsace Lorraine, published in the Journal of Comparative and International Law in 1927 by Cambridge University Press will be available by interlibrary loan. Another book which has been digitized and is available on-line at http://www.archive.org/ has given me some interesting insights as to why my young  imigrant couple may have chosen to leave their homeland.

The family story was that Charles and Salome were married on the ship coming over to America. That tale has proven to be invented (or at least exaggerated) as there is no mention of the marriage on the passenger manifest for their voyage and I have the church record of their marriage in Erie, Pennsylvania shortly after their arrival. My question has always been why didn't they marry at home where their families were before they left? I'm still looking for a definitive answer.

I guess I'm better get to work instead of writing about getting to work:)

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