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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting Started

Here I go!! By setting up this blog I've committed myself to fulfilling my resolve to write the family history of the Ruch\Siegler line of my husband's family. I've been researching them off and on for 15 years and have made some great progress recently thanks for the Family Hisorty Library's pilot website at http://pilot.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html#start and the Chicago Tribune Historical Archives.

My first objective is to decide where to start and how far down the line to go. Then, I'll take a good look at all my documents and sources to see what may be needed to do a thorough job.

Today was spent setting up this blog and my time is up. The dog needs a walk and by then there will be supper to prepare.


  1. Good Job Becky!
    I guess you have started your own writer's group of one. :-)
    I hope this BLOG helps your keep on track writing the history of the Ruch / Siegler line. this makes me thin about writing my stories but I tend to write my reminences (sp?) and not the family history. Without any kids I don't know who would be interested, but I enjoy the remembering, writing and editing.
    Good Luck

  2. looks like I better learn how to speell. :-)

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    Thomas MacEntee

  4. Welcome to the world of genealogy blogging! I'm happy to help if you need anything!

    Little Bytes of Life