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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ishpeming/Marquette Day Two

This morning started not unlike yesterday morning. Our first stop was a cemetery but this time it was the Marquette City Park Cemetery. I had previously emailed the Sexton, Paul Albert, and he had emailed back with a map of the cemetery with the Ellstrom and Upperstrom grave locations marked. Thinking this information would be sufficient we began our search. The directions were quite clear but after we had walked the area and beyond more than once, we were stumped. To the office we went; luckily, we found Paul working there thought he hadn’t planned to be there long. In the end, it was a good thing we could find because he pulled out additional records which we were able to photograph. Then, Paul took us out and the plots. Turns the Ellstroms had only one headstone and it was flat, nearly overgrow, and almost illegible. At least, we have a photo of the area where they lay. Carl & Augusta, nee Ellstrom, Upperstrom are the same story – no stones but pictures of the grassy area where they lay. All this thanks to Paul who was so friendly and patient with us.

Having taken more time than expected at the cemetery, we had a quick lunch and then made our way to the Marquette County History Center. It really paid off having made previous contact with the archivist, Rosemary, because they were certainly ready for us when we got there. They had pulled cards for the various names I had given and all I had to do was go through to determine if they were my people or not. Some of the information I already have but some new and interesting items were found as well. The most important from a source I would not have found elsewhere – a listing for the digging of the grave for Christina Elstrom on Feb 8, 1894. That date is the closest I’ve gotten to her death; before that all I knew is she died between 1880 and 1900. Now, when I got to the courthouse I should be able to get her death certificate!

After leaving the History Center, we had just enough time to reach Jim’s cousin’s house in Ishpeming for our 2 o’clock appointment. What an enjoyable afternoon. Not only had he pulled out the old photo albums and family items for us but we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jim and Rosemary. They are still living in the Family home and have many artifacts that have been there from nearly the beginning. I was able to retake some pictures from the ones taken in 1997 and we found additional new items of interest as well.

Now, I need to do some records updating and bring pictures onto the computer for renaming before I forget what and where they are from. Tomorrow will be another busy day.    

~ Becky

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