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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ishpeming and Marquette Michigan Here I Come

I think I’m ready for this research trip!

I have my binders for the Ellstrom/Christiansen/Larson families reviewed and organized.

I have my list of places – libraries, archives, museums, cemeteries – created, printed, and in Evernote.

I have a tentative schedule prepared for each day we’ll be there, both in Marquette and Ishpeming.

I’ve made contact with the various places to make sure they’ll be open. I’ve made phone contact and scheduled appointments with certain archivists giving them more specific information so they can be prepared for my visit.

I’ve schedule a time to meet with the relatives still living in the original house in Ishpeming. 

My husband has done his due diligence with Google Maps so we know not only our route up to Ishpeming but also how to get to all the places on my list.

I’ve backed-up my laptop to my external hard drive and synced my tree with Ancestry.

I’ve checked over my “office supply” bag and have it packed with the binders and my flip-pal.

Oh, yes, I’ve also packed some clothes, toiletries, and such. I’m not so concerned about those items because there will be a good ole’ Walmart nearby. I can always pick up anything I need in the personal vein but not necessarily in the genealogy vein.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so prepared for a genealogy trip before. In the past, I’ve completed some or all the above tasks but I don’t think I’ve done them to such a degree. Here’s hoping all this preparation pays off in the end. My biggest concern at the moment is no having sufficient time to get to every place on my list. Yes, I’ve slotted them all in but will I have to cut one location out in order to have enough time at another? - - Only time will tell.

I can’t wait to get this show on the road. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!
~ Becky

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