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Monday, June 6, 2011

True Progress on Earl Stewart

I don't doubt that you can hear my "Yeas!!!" or see my dance of joy! I just finished a complete draft of Dad's bio!

Except for some pictures I haven't included yet (but I have them in digital form and ready to add), I actually made it through to the end. Now, I'm sure I'll be thinking of things from time to time I'll want to add and I know I'll have to make many revisions before I publish it - but THE DRAFT IS DONE!!!

I'll be moving on to my grandmother, Clara Elizabeth (Emay) Stewart next. This one may be a bit difficult as well but probably not as hard as Dad's. After all, I'm more removed from her. I'll have to work through an issue or two but, here's hoping I'll be able to fly through it.

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