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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Silence Equals Progress!

I know I haven’t been doing much blogging of late but, mostly, it’s because I’ve actually been working on the Ruch family story. This week I finished the Charles & Salomé section. Yea!!!! Yea!!! I also decided to add an abbreviated section about their children (and Henry) and have almost finished with the girls. If I can keep up the pace, I should be able to put “the story” into editing/proof-reading phase in early August.
Once I’ve handed that off to others, I’ll begin working on the actual genealogy reports and charts I’m planning to include. Then, it’s deciding what pictures and documents will best go along with the publication.
Just a month or so ago, I was very concerned about not making enough progress. I felt like I was jumping around too much. Every time I wrote a sentence or two it seemed I needed to do more research or look for more evidence. Doing that slowed down the process considerably. But, at last, I think I’m almost there.
It’s mid-year and I feel I’m mid-way through the project. Who would have thought!!! 


  1. Congratulations! What an accomplishment. You've been busy!

  2. Becky, it will be nice having you back, chatting away about your research. Until then, I'll be patient. Good luck.

  3. I'm envious. I am a long way from putting my family research together in any type of organized story but maybe someday. Congratulations.