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Friday, March 11, 2016

Davey Book Finished At Last

Finally, I have published the book about my mother-in-law and her ancestors, Alice Mildred Davey Higgins 1914-2008; Her Danish, Swedish, and Cornish Ancestry. I know it took me much longer than it should have but I stumbled many times while writing Alice's story. I had so much information it was difficult to know what to include and what to leave out.

I used Lulu.com for the printing and am quite happy with the results. I fear I ordered too many for distribution to family and donations to the various archives, libraries, historical societies,and such, so I have plenty of excess. However, in addition to what I have, anyone can order an on-demand copy at anytime. I priced it basically at cost because I'm not looking to profit in anyway. This was a labor of love!.

Now, I'm back to researching for my next publication. As I haven't decided which direction to take, I'm simply going over previous research and working on finding all the documentation I can until inspiration strikes. In addition, I'll be writing short bios and family stories as I go so when inspiration does strike I"ll have a head start.


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