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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leisure, Ging, Stewart, Emay Family Picture

I'm not sure just when this photo was taken. It was obviously in the late fall, winter, or very early spring as the trees are completely bare. The temperature must have been mild because there are only a couple of coats or sweaters visible and most of the children are in long sleeves. I'm sure it was taken in Rush County, Indiana but exactly where, I don't know. The year is about 1921; the youngest child in the picture, Eloise, was born in June of 1921 and the youngest boy, Charles Wayne Stewart, was born in April of 1920.

The Leisure, Ging, Stewart, Emay Gang ca. 1922
Left to Right, Front Row: Evie (Powell) Leisure, Eloise Ging, Glen Ging, Earl Stewart, Charles Wayne Stewart, Gail Ging
Back Rows: First person is cut off and unknown, Fanny (Leisure) Emay, Luva May (Reeves) Emay, Irene Stewart,
Hugh Leisure, Lizzie (Emay) Stewart, Charles Stewart, Hypatia (Birt) Leisure Turner, Unknown, Oliver Carr Leisure,
Ruby Stewart, Joseph Emay, Jenny Leisure

I'll be posting a few other photos of the same or similar group in later years. Seems they got together around the same time of year. The trees are always bare:)


  1. Oh my gosh! What a treasure! Glen Ging is my great grandfather - Gail and Eloise are siblings to my grandfather Roscoe, who would not yet have been born at the time this photo was taken. Thank you so much for posting this, it is wonderful to see!

  2. So happy you like it. I need to get on the stick and post the later group:-)

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